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    J.W. Seafood Exports specializes in the wholesale export of North American Live Lobster [Homarus Americanus] worldwide. However we are not limited to lobsters only. Other seafoods that we sell are fresh and frozen fish, Snow Crab, and other shellfish such as shrimp and scallops. We also leverage our 30 years of building lobster holding and packaging facilities to provide consultancy services for both new and well established companies.

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Live Maine Lobster
  FOB:Boston, MA

C/Q Mix  $5.35 /Lb.USD
1.45-1.75 lb  $5.50 /Lb.USD

Live Nova Scotia Lobster
  FOB:P/U @

Run - 1 - 2 Lbs  $7.25 /Lb.USD
1.00-1.24 lb  $7.25 /Lb.USD
1.25-1.44 lb  $7.35 /Lb.USD
1.45-1.74 lb  $7.75 /Lb.USD
1.75-4.00 lb  $8.25 /Lb.USD
4.00-6.00 lb  $8.25 /Lb.USD

Frozen Lobster Meat
  FOB:Boston, MA

CK  Contact

Frozen Paturel Lobster Meat - Paturel Brand
  FOB:Boston, MA

CK  Contact
CKL  Contact
JCK  Contact
Jumbo CK (Drypack)  Contact
Leg Meat  Contact
Tail Meat  Contact
TCK  Contact

Raw Frozen Lobster Tails - Mixed Brands
  FOB:Boston, MA

4-5 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
5-6 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
6-7 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
7-8 oz  $16.75 /Lb.USD
10-12 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
12-14 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
14-16 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
16-20 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
20-24 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
24-28 oz  $16.25 /Lb.USD
28-32 oz  Contact

Raw Frozen Lobster Tails - Paturel Brand
  FOB:Boston, MA

6-7 oz  Contact
7-8 oz  Contact
8-10 oz  Contact
8-10 oz (Crown)  Contact
12-14 oz  Contact
12-14 oz (Crown)  Contact
14-16 oz  Contact
16-20 oz  Contact
20-24 oz  Contact
24+ oz  Contact

Raw Frozen Paturel Lobster Tails
  FOB:Boston, MA

3-4 oz  Contact
4-5 oz  Contact
5-6 oz  Contact
6-7 oz  Contact
7-8 oz  Contact

Fresh or Frozen Lobster Bodies
  FOB:Ex Storage Boston, MA

Run  $0.55 /Lb.USD

Minced Lobster Meat
  FOB:Boston, MA

8 x 5 Lb Bags  Contact

Raw Lobster Bodies

Raw Bodies w/Legs  Contact
Raw Bodies w/o Legs  Contact

Whole Cooked Lobster - Markets
  FOB:See FOB Pricing

FOB Boston  $6.73 /Lb.USD
FOB China  $6.78 /Lb.USD
FOB The Plant  $6.60 /Lb.USD

Whole Raw Lobster - Markets
  FOB:See FOB Pricing

FOB Boston  $6.58 /Lb.USD
FOB China  $6.63 /Lb.USD
FOB The Plant  $6.45 /Lb.USD

Snow Crab Update

  • Snow Crab season will start in the spring of 2014.

Snow Crab
  FOB:TIS Boston, MA

5-8 oz  $4.85 /Lb.USD




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